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If you came to this page ~ thanks for being interested.


                                                          I mean it!

   I've now finished all three volumes of 'True Fire' and am looking forward to publishing soon!
                   Who wants to do cover art?  email me at:    travelbugs@internetsat.com.au
I came to writing late. No idea why, I guess I was too busy living a faster life when I was younger - not enough time to do everything. New skills are always fun to learn and writing is something which just happened to me. Maybe because I had a book inside bursting to get out - 'The Final Song.' Storytelling improves with practice. Not to say my earlier books are unreadable, they are standing the test of time and are constantly being downloaded from free-ebooks and Scribd.

I write as B. Cameron Lee because my first name is Bruce and I've been the butt of so many jokes for so many years. Imagine Googling the name Bruce Lee - I would be lost in there and so hard to find.

I try to write across the lines dividing genres to tell stories which don't quite fit into handy slots. I experiment a little and try and make the tales unfold as if the reader were watching a movie. Some of my offerings are quite gritty while others are fantastical. I am currently well on my way through the fourth or fifth edit of  Book 1 of 'True Fire.' The work is rewarding as the world I created comes together and I find myself in it, looking around a reality I can feel. Weird heh.
The pictures posted on this site are inspirational and illustrate the talent of many artists on the Web. I have chosen those which relate to my stories.

Okay, in case you are thinking I sit around all day punching keys. Forget it. I have three guitars, none of which I play really well but I can sure make noise. I ride a motorbike - had a 1200cc Harley (see the opening chapter of 'The Fold') but now have a KLR 650 so I can go off-road too. That's not all, I have just bought a small bus and a bike trailer so the Gypsy in me can take off. Life is out there, maybe a friend too.

I also used to love taking photographs before it became so easy. I've placed a gallery of my photos down below - if you are interested! If you want one-take it!

Finally, I recently learned that only fifty copies of 'Moby Dick' were sold while Herman Melville was still alive. There is hope yet.

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