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If you came to this page ~ thanks for being interested.


                                                                    I mean it!


    News Flash! I've added my first non-fiction book here.

                             'Beaten Men and Violent Women'

   It's all about men who are victims of female domestic violence. 

                        + New Edition: The Fembots Revolt is now available.

                                      Slaved over for months and far better than the original.

                                      The four volumes of 'True Fire' are finished!

True Fire Book 1 - The Ring of Truth is now available at Amazon, Booksellers and Kindle.
True Fire Book 2 - The Fall of Belvedere is now available at Amazon, Booksellers and Kindle
True Fire Book 3 - The Q'Herindam is now available at Amazon, Booksellers and Kindle.
True Fire Book 4 - Were of the Drakon is now available at Amazon, Booksellers and Kindle.

Don't have a Kindle? Do not despair. Amazon has a free app you can download for computers and tablets that lets you read Kindle. Get it here - Free Kindle reader app.
A windy day by the sea. I came to writing late. No idea why, I guess I was too busy living a faster life when I was younger - not enough time to do everything.

My pen name is B. Cameron Lee because my first name is Bruce and I've been the butt of so many jokes for so many years. Imagine Googling the name Bruce Lee - I'd be lost in there.

I try to write across the lines dividing genres to tell stories which don't quite fit into handy slots. I experiment a little and try and make the tales unfold as if the reader were watching a movie. Some of my offerings are quite gritty while others are fantastical. Recently I completed the 'True Fire' Trilogy and  Book 4 - The Were of the Drakon. The work is rewarding as the world I created comes together and I find myself in it, looking around a reality I can feel and almost taste.
The pictures posted on this site are inspirational and illustrate the talent of many artists on the Web. I have chosen those which relate to my stories.

Okay, in case you are thinking I sit around all day punching keys. Forget it. I have two guitars and a keyboard, none of which I play well but I can sure make a lot of noise. I ride a motorbike - had a 1200cc Harley (see the opening chapter of 'The Fold') but now have downsized through a KLR 650 to a Honda Rally 250 so I can go off-road too. I also have a 4x4 and a bike trailer so I can wander at times. Life is out there.

I used to love taking photographs in the days of film, before it became so easy and all about post production. I've placed a gallery of my photos down below. If you want one-take it!

Finally, I recently learned that only fifty copies of 'Moby Dick' were sold while Herman Melville was still alive and James Lee Bourke was rejected ninety nine times before he hit it.
There's hope yet.

                                                   Night Elf Warrior by Jim Murray. 
                                                                 The Doorway
                                                       'Workplace of the Future'?