B. Cameron Lee ~Welcomes You~

This is the first non-fiction book I've written. It explores the reasons men are totally sidelined in the domestic violence story. By totally sidelined, I mean they receive no assistance when they are victims of domestic violence and are often blamed for causing the violence even if they are obviously the victim.

In western society there is an ongoing struggle by those seeking to make society a Marxist socialism and those trying to maintain Western values. There is also a feminist agenda which seeks to demonize all men and make them 'pay'. With the advent of social media and immediate 'opinions' - often without facts to back them - movements and responses to news can be controlled to a large extent by the media. How a story is presented and edited can bend the outcome. 

As the all pervading push for this Marxist socialism continues, we see its effects in all sorts of places, within Government, the Justice system, the Police Force and many other regulatory bodies. This socialism and the effects of social media are causing distortions. 

In 2017 there were over 546,000 MALE victims of domestic violence at the hands of violent women. This number and the cases have rarely been discussed in the media. Think of it. Over half a million people who cannot access assistance because they happen to be male. If nothing else it is sexual discrimination but the Government has created loopholes for itself in the sexual discrimination laws to allow it to sexually discriminate.

The book has been researched and all of the research documents are mentioned in the text so facts can be checked. The papers make worrying reading and mostly contradict the feminist narrative. This is why they have not appeared mainstream, the media don't mention them or any movement which attempts to. Women can be and are the instigators of violence. The problem is becoming worse and men are being blamed by their own persecutors as 'victim statements' hold sway in the legal system. Who can resist a woman in tears?

All of the above is justified in the statement, "It is better to be morally right then factually correct." Let that sink in. Morals are a very liquid ideal. Facts are facts. The Inquisition is abroad again!

Do yourself a favour and read about the problem. Its not going to fix itself.

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