B. Cameron Lee ~Welcomes You~

       CRIME  AND MORE.      

120,000+  Downloads to date.

Like an entertaining and fast paced read?

My novels differ in genre and content.

Some nice - some nasty - all refreshingly original!

New!   Now available in Paperback and Kindle  from CreateSpace and Amazon

                          True Fire Book 1 - The Ring of Truth

                          True Fire Book 2 - The Fall of Belvedere

                          True Fire Book 3 - The Q'Herindam

                          True Fire Book 4 - The Were of the Drakon

                                 Diary of a Serial Killer

                                 Diary of a Serial Killer 2 - Reece's Revenge

                                 The Fold

                                 Electric Goanna Dreams

                                 The Fembots Revolt (Brand new 2nd Edition)

                                 The Final Song

                                 Rewind (The Final Song Part 2)


                                       Sword Thief by Karl Simon       (an evocative piece of art)
                                                                 'Chosen'         Artist unknown - sorry

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