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      Diary of a Serial Killer 2
          - Reece's Revenge.
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                                    The Published Cover 

  From the Author of  'Diary of a Serial Killer', the widely read and positively reviewed first book in the series, comes another exciting installment on the further adventures of your favorite serial killer.

  Reece is back. Older, wiser and more mature but still Researching. After a two year 'working' holiday in the USA, his return to Oz is marred by the collapse of the Investment Company looking after his money. The Director has to pay - in the only way Reece truly understands. 'Research.'

  Reece, along with his soulmate and accomplice Barb, decide to become privateer Public Servants. They chase down and 'Research' Directors of failed companies to recover the investors' money but something goes drastically wrong and the game changes.


  Follow Reece as Fate pulls him down into a dark and dirty world of drugs, death and revenge!


***** Reece Rocks!!! - review by Bonanza43

"I could not put this book down, much more in depth than the first. More 'fleshed out' so to speak. A great read! I hope there is a number 3, but Reece needs a new girlfriend"


***** The Storyline is Perfect - review by Lisa Andrea Mosier.

"Meeting the characters engrossed me, and I fully believed that the events as I read them were unfolding."


I know very little about this one.

Simple but effective.

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