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   Diary of a Serial Killer

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      Available in paperback from Amazon and CreateSpace


                       also available on Kindle Diary 1 

This is one 'nasty' book. Horrible, Politically incorrect and full of gruesome murders described in detail and written in the first person. It even has 'black' humour. If you have a sensitive nature, strong Christian beliefs or are under sixteen, you are advised not to read this book! You have been warned!


  Recent comments:  'Diary of a Serial Killer'

Aimee Fry  

This has got to be one of the most unique ideas of presenting a book in this genre I've seen on here, or on the market. I've never heard of a Thriller written as a diary, but what a great way of really seeing into his mind! Your writing style flows nicely and with a little edit here and there, I can see this being picked out by an agent or publisher in the near future. Keep at it, it will be worth it!

Sheila Belshaw

This is great stuff. An excellent way to start a novel. You capture the reader and you hold him in there so he can't escape. Not just with the content which is intriguing, but with your wonderful writing style.
The diary construction gives you a free hand to give us a full characterisation of Reece. And your conversational voice is spot on. Full of energy and imagery and imaginative use of language.
Brilliant and should be published, and I can't wait to read the whole novel.

yasmin esack

Most intriguing and well written. Very ingenious idea of writing a book. (I would never have thought of something like this in one hundred years) and i love the start with the letter from the agency. Extremely captivating. Your tense is present and suits this story well. I like the idea of the mailman as a serial killer because it makes it all more chilling.

A Knight  

This is one of the most original premises I have seen on this site, and you deliver it beautifully. I only had time to read the first part, but I shall definitely be back for more. You have a unique way of laying out the different interactions and seguing from one section to the next, and although it's something readers may not have seen before, it works for the unique nature of Reese' story.


Diary of a Serial Killer
This is a very original premise. The initial letter neatly sets everything up, and I like the explanation of innocence on the part of the person who “found” the manuscript. The initial part of what follows has a beautiful use of language, the descriptions are marvellous. Then the font changes. I’m confused. You keep me guessing. Good. The tone is more direct, addressing the reader matter of factly. You keep the same tone as we proceed. And I am wondering about the change of font, the original tone does not come back when the original font does. So it’s not two narrators or something like that. You introduce the protagonist’s “relationship” with his computer, his solitary lifestyle. Now we find out about the font change. About the right time to have left us guessing and not so long to loose us. In fact, now I come to think of it, that maintained my interest. Good idea. The discussion he has with the reader works and establishes the tone for the piece. I liked this a lot.

Linda Lou

Hullo Cameron. As a researcher, I haven't thought about killing in the way you describe. Interesting. I also like the start of your book. I was even checking back pages to make sure if it was fact or fiction or both. Very good, very good. Oh, I have a PO box and my actual mail box is in front of my house, so cross me off your list. Just kidding, I think. A story such as yours tends to give one second thoughts


B. Cameron, The writing is compelling and by the end of chapter one I wanted more. The language is precise and it gave me a sense of atmosphere. The story has many little gems planted throughout the book—appealing
Great storytelling


This is an interesting story: a walk into the mind of a writer who, by the way, is also a serial killer. I like the way this is written as if it were a journal kept by the killer. It allows you to use a stream of thought technique that is easy to read and made me feel as if I was really getting the inside track. I’m adding this to my shelf. Burgio (Grain of Salt).



Diary of a Serial Killer
What a very clever structure for a book. You have made this feel very authentic and very chilling. Thought the Line ‘my name is John and I haven’t killed in three years’ Kind of summed up the whole ethos of this book!



This is good, something different. I want to read more



Clever premise, well executed. Reese is a likable sort. You've fleshed him out well. Your descriptions are cinematic. For example, your description of Reece's study. Not only can I see your settings, I can hear and feel them as well. How you thought about adding smell and taste to your descriptions? You've salted your narrative with delightful word play like 'tell a novel story which becomes a novel,' 'cutting without an edge,' and 'a serial read over the morning cereal.' Brilliant. Your humour is laugh out loud hilarious ... and it's fresh. This is a totally entertaining read.


'Killer Girl'
   by the inimitable
  Simon Bisley

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