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'Rewind' is the follow on from 'The Final Song' - continuing the mayhem of the first book and adding some very interesting plot twists as the Devil gears up his recruitment of souls. It's a sequel read by over 25,000 people so far.

There are vampires in Rewind, with some unusual habits.

Below is an excerpt from the book.

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                                                                     CHAPTER 15.



Andrew sat at a table in the open area between the dance floor and the front of the bar in ‘Satans’. It was early afternoon and he was alone. The club wasn’t due to open for another eight hours. He was missing Ruth in a big way. He shouldn’t be, he was a demon but there was something about Ruth which he was having difficulty getting over. Some part of him had died a little when she’d disappeared and now he had been instructed to kill one of the people who had caused her disappearance.

Fine by him, all he had to do was find the bastard.

Life was becoming more complex due to the fact the vampire nieces and nephews were due to fly in tomorrow night. He’d spent quite a bit of his time recently getting things ready for them, what with the club idea and all. Before they finally arrived though, he had this problem to solve. How to locate Roberto and kill him. A puzzle, but one which shouldn’t be too hard to work out. He knew from the feedback of their no-longer corrupt police, before the raid on the club over ten days ago, that the car in which Chris had died had been released from police impound to a friend of Chris’s. That friend may be able to give him a lead. All he had to do was get the information from the guys at the impound yard. Shouldn’t be too hard to bribe one of them. Yeah, that’s what he would do.


First though, on the table in front of him, there were three or four lines of coke to take care of. Shame Dixie was now working over at Fleeting Image, he felt like sporting with her for a bit of relaxation. He liked her moves and she squealed appealingly at the right moments. Maybe tonight after she finished her receptionist’s job. Andrew smiled as he snorted line after line of the pure cocaine, she couldn’t type worth shit but her tits were magnificent.


About an hour later, Andrew wandered up to the gate of the impound yard at Police Headquarters and caught the attention of one of the police officers in the booth at the entrance.

“Good afternoon. I was wondering if you could help me?” he innocently inquired.

The officer nodded to him. “What do you want?” he asked.

“About two or three months ago there was a messed up, burned out, red Corvette released from here. I was wondering if you could tell me who took it away please.”

“Sorry, we’re not allowed to divulge information like that to anyone. It’s strictly police business,” the officer replied.

Andrew reached into his pocket and pulled out a couple of one hundred dollar bills, making sure that the policeman saw them.

“I could make it worth your while,” he said quietly.

The policeman looked around to see if anyone was watching and took the bills.

“Hold on, I’ll just see what comes up on the computer.”

He ducked back into the booth and worked at the computer for a minute or so, then came back.

“All I can tell you is Regent Towing Services took it away. You’ll find them over on Tremaine Street, down the far end.”

“Thank you very much,” Andrew replied as he backed off and strolled away.

Excellent. Now he had to get over to Regent Towing and see if he could find the driver of the tow truck before he knocked off for the day. Pulling out his mobile phone, he contacted Sonya at Fleeting Image.

“Hi Sonya, it’s Andrew. The Old Man’s getting a bit paranoid and asked me to keep in touch. I’m on my way to Regent Towing on Tremaine Street to follow up a lead on the Corvette. How’s Dixie doing? Yeah? That’s good. Tell her I’ve got a job for her tonight, dress optional. Right, spot you later.”

Andrew put the mobile back in his pocket.

Regent Towing was a fairly small concern and it didn’t take too much asking around before Andrew found the driver of the tow truck which had picked up the Corvette. This time, a hundred dollars was sufficient to extract the information and even get the address of the place where the car had been looked over before being delivered to the insurance company yard. Mmm, not far from Fleeting Image really and only a couple of blocks from the place where Ruth had taken apart the flight attendant.


Roberto, Steve and Mary had just finished their sword training with the wooden swords. They wore the genuine articles as they had been doing for the last ten days since the raid on ‘Satans’, getting used to the weight and feel of them on their bodies. All three of them were standing in the central area of the house wiping the sweat from their faces with towels and drinking water. The training sessions they were doing were intense and they were feeling it. The doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it.” Roberto said throwing his towel down. “I’m expecting a delivery.”

Forgetting to check the CCTV as he picked up the water cannon from it’s holster on the wall, Roberto strode to the door. Flinging it open his face froze as he recognised just who was standing there. He grabbed for his water cannon, an unfortunate mistake and started to raise it but he was too late. Andrew changed instantly to demon form and grabbed him by the throat with one taloned hand, lifting him bodily off the floor. Roberto tried to reach for the sword hanging on the left side of his body but the demon grabbed his right arm and stopped him.

It had only taken an instant but the noise of the fracas reached the main room and Steve, with a sense of foreboding, ran to see what was happening. What he saw was his worst nightmare. Roberto, dangling, with his feet off the ground being gripped around the throat by a demon. The demon Andrew had not advanced into the house and the narrow passageway actually stopped Steve from rendering assistance as Roberto was between them. He dropped back into the main room to find Mary’s fearful face observing him.

“This is it Mary! A demon’s in the passageway strangling Roberto. I can’t get past him to reach the demon. I need you to go out of the back way and get around to the front door. Stab the demon with your blade if you can. I’ll try to distract him. Go!”

Mary didn’t need telling twice, she sprinted toward the back door and out of the house while Steve turned and started yelling at the demon.

“Save your breath human or you’ll be next. This one took my arm so he’s mine. The woman has run away, why don’t you?”

Andrew was exultant. Killing was such a buzz. Especially when he was full of coke. The Devil was going to be very proud of him now. Never mind that he hadn’t been around as long as Tyrus, he could still get the job done and he was smarter than his older half brother.

Steve had drawn his sword but couldn’t get a blow in as Roberto was in the way. By now, Roberto’s face was going blue and his struggles were getting weaker. He was hardly moving. The Andrew demon threw its head back and laughed at the sheer enjoyment of what was happening.

Killing was it.

There was a loud ‘snick’ and the laughter stopped immediately. The demon looked down to see the tip of a short sword protruding from its stomach. With a roar of rage, Roberto was thrown aside and with blinding speed the demon swung around. Mary’s sword hilt was ripped from her grasp but she stood her ground, praying loudly to their God. Steve had not wasted any time and as soon as Roberto’s body was clear of the demon, he swung his katana with all his might in an overhead arc. The wondrous blade hit the demon on the top of the head, fair between the horns and carried on down through the demon’s body until it finished up beside its mate, Mary’s tanto. The swords seemed to pulse once before Steve grasped both of them and pulled them free, intent on getting Mary’s sword back to her but there was no need. The demon hit the floor with a loud thud and simply vanished.

In his new house, the Devil felt the moment of his son’s death as the body winked out of existence. He roared his rage and the impotence which came from not knowing where this had happened. There was no way he could track it, the moment, along with his demon son, didn’t exist anymore.

He contemplated Louise with her thickening belly before coldly announcing.

“Andrew’s dead. I need another wife to make another child. Any suggestions?”


Mary looked at Steve, who was standing gazing at the swords in his hand, a look of amazement on his face. He shook himself.

 “You okay Steve?”

“Yeah, you okay? How’s Roberto?” came Steve’s hoarse reply.

“Oh no, Roberto.” They said in unison, rushing to their teacher’s side. He was not moving. They rolled Roberto onto his back and checked his pulse. Nothing. No breathing either. They commenced CPR, taking turns at breathing and heart massage but to no avail. Roberto was stone dead although his face wasn’t so blue now.

Steve sat back on his heels, white faced.

“What now, Mary?”

Mary looked back at him, eyes brimming. She had really liked Roberto and now he lay dead in front of her. Dead. DEAD! She cried out as it hit her.

“Ruth! We have to wake Ruth! Remember what she said about getting Chris into a body. She needed a fresh one. Undamaged. Roberto has been strangled to death and his body is fresh. We have to wake her up.”

“We don’t know how to do it Mary and we don’t know what will happen when we do. We might end up having to fight another demon.”

“I don’t care right now Steve, we have to try and wake her. If for no other reason than we owe it to Chris. Come on, we should get her out of the Holy water and see if we can revive her.”

Together they moved over to the panic room and opened the door. They entered and shut it behind them, unsure if there were more enemies around. Stepping over to the large tub they gazed down at Ruth’s apparently lifeless body. She had been immersed in the Holy water for nearly two weeks now but looked no different from when she was put in. Steve took her arms, Mary her legs and together they lifted Ruth out of the Holy water and placed her on the floor beside the tank.

“What do we do now?” Steve asked Mary.

“I don’t know. Dry her off?”

Mary took one of Ruth’s hands in hers and started patting and squeezing it. Steve responded by reaching for a towel and rubbing Ruth down energetically. Suddenly, Ruth’s eyes started moving beneath her eyelids and then she took a great indrawn breath, this turned into a gasping for air which she took down in great gulps. Her body started to writhe as moaning escaped her beautiful lips.

“Ruth, RUTH. It’s alright you’re with Steve and Mary. We had to wake you. Ruth. Open your eyes.”

Ruth’s eyes opened. Deep emerald green, focusing on Steve first and then Mary. She coughed.

“Where, what?”

Mary explained, tears in her voice.

“We had to wake you, Roberto’s been killed by a demon. Choked to death. You said you needed a body if we were to help Chris.”

“Are we in danger?” Ruth croaked.

Steve studied the closed circuit television monitors on the wall of the panic room. They showed every room in the house and a view of the grounds outside. He could see no danger.

“As far as I can tell we’re on our own,” he said to her.

“Good. Help me up, we have to work fast.”

Ruth was talking as she tried to stand. With a little assistance from Steve and Mary, she was soon on her feet. Her powers of recuperation were amazing; she was getting stronger by the second.

“Mary, you need to undress Roberto’s body, he has to be naked. Steve, get the casket with Chris’ ashes in it and bring it to Roberto’s body. How do we get out of here?”

They opened the panic room door and Mary escorted Ruth to where Roberto lay and started removing the clothes from his body, Ruth helped where she could but was still weak from her suspended animation. Steve returned with the casket.

Ruth spoke again.

“Get some of the Holy water and mix it with the ashes in the casket. Plaster them onto Roberto’s body, especially around the head and over the heart. We don’t have much time left.”

Steve hurried to comply, using a new bottle of Holy water to make the slurry which he then smeared onto Roberto’s now naked body. Ruth looked down approvingly at the bare body before her on the floor, now streaked with Chris’ ashes.

“Excellent. I really hope this works. Okay you two, I have to change to demon form to do this and I don’t even know if I can perform the exchange of Chris’ soul into this body. I’ve never done anything like this before. Stand back.”

Ruth knelt beside the body and concentrated. She started to change into her other form but something amazing happened in the transformation. She was scaled but not with red scales. Her body glowed with a reflective silver sheen. Gone were the horns and tail and fangs. She still had talons but they were tipped with two centimetre diamond claws. She looked up uncertainly and Steve and Mary looked down into the purest emerald eyes they had ever seen. Even the whites were emerald coloured. Ruth was amazing to behold. There was however, no time to sit and stare as Ruth leaned forward, placing her hands on each side of Roberto’s still temples. She closed her eyes and concentrated. Everyone was holding their breath, not knowing what to expect. Hoping against hope the transfer would work. Ruth took her hands away and sat back on her heels.

“That’s it, all I could do. I don’t know if it will work or not. Its up to Chris now.”

The seconds ticked by. Two people and something other than human, intently watched the body in front of them for some sign of life. A minute had passed and still nothing. Suddenly, Steve noticed rapid eye movement and drew the others attention to it. Ruth moaned and raising her arm, gave the body a vigorous whack on the chest. A quick gasp ensued, followed by another, then another. This was followed by a long intake of breath which settled slowly into regular breathing. The body was alive but who or what was in there and how much? Ruth looked down at herself.

“I was born a demon but what’s this? Something I’ve never seen or heard of. What am I? How much power do I have and what sort of power is it?”

A bout of coughing drew their attention, quickly followed by a groan as Roberto’s head started to move. The eyes flickered open and focused on each of them in turn, questioning.


The longing in Ruth’s voice could not be disguised as she spoke the name of the man who had loved her through emotional suffering, pain, torture and his own death.

A smile came to the face of the body on the floor and one word changed their lives for ever.



A couple of hours later and Chris/Roberto was sitting with them in the kitchen drinking coffee. Beside him, Ruth in her human form was touching him, touching in an unbelieving fashion. Upon awakening, almost in front of their eyes, his bruised and battered throat had started to heal. After washing away the ashes of his old body from the new, Chris had dressed and come to the kitchen.

“Its hard to describe in words but it felt as though Ruth had laid me into an empty shell. It wasn’t totally empty though. I understood I could use it by hooking myself into it. Like driving a car only a bit more complex. I believe I’m still automatically adjusting to this new me. What’s scary is that all of Roberto’s memories are in here with me and available. It will take a little while to get used to . Along with the information, I can feel all of his fighting ability is here too. Its like moving into a fully furnished house which someone has just walked out of. Speaking of which.......”

Here he turned and took Ruth’s hands into his own, gazing deep into her emerald eyes.

“I love you so much but you know that. We’ve been closer together than any other lovers have ever been. Because of that, I saw how things work and I believe I have a surprise for you.”

Chris/Roberto sat and concentrated for a moment. Then slowly, before all of the amazed faces at the table, he started to change. Silver scales replaced skin, hair drew back into his head and diamond-tipped talons emerged from the ends of what were his fingers.

“We’re something new Ruth. I’ve the knowledge of The Brotherhood in my head. I have Roberto’s love for God and my own growing faith and I have you beside me again. We can never go back to who we were. This is our chance to fight evil and redeem ourselves in the eyes of the Lord. Are you with me my love?”

Ruth’s gaze never wavered for an instant.

“For what has been done to you and me, I vow to fight evil for the rest of my life. However long that may be.”

They both looked at Steve and Mary.

“Are you with us too?”

Steve and Mary replied in unison.

“Until the end!”


For the next hour or two they sat and discussed strategy. It would be unsafe to remain where they were. A demon had come to the house, others may follow. Steve’s house would have to be abandoned. Luckily, Chris/Roberto could get them into the main Brotherhood’s safe house in the city, a place where the demons could not find them. Ruth told them of the meeting which had occurred at Fleeting Image and of the computer game being developed to replace the music CD’s as a means of ensnaring souls. The computer game would be ready in approximately two weeks if the schedule was being met. Its release had to be stopped. However they could manage it, because once it got out, there would be a snowball effect if it was popular and soon it would be all over the world.

Chaos would ensue.

Unknown to them was the imminent arrival of the vampire covens.

Later that night, safely transferred to the Brotherhood safe house, they headed off to bed. As Chris settled under the covers, Ruth reached down and took his potent erection in her hand.

“We’re so lucky Roberto was as well endowed as you were. Do you mind if I still call you ‘Big Boy’ now and again?”


      Chris's answer was to cover her body with kisses, his mouth sliding to drink from her silky secret places, until he was intoxicated, driven to enter her body with this new one. Ruth's response told him all he needed to know. 


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