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                                          The Final Song.

    Written about a movie which had been playing in my head for a while. There was no time for creative writing, I just had to get it all down.

    The first version was hand written!

    The Final Song is available from Kindle, Amazon and CreateSpace. Enjoy a book read  by over 30,000 readers and still counting.

     This novel embraces the age old themes of good and evil, naivety, love and ruin. It is basically a story about how evil can subtly ensnare a young life and destroy it. Here is a Devil -who you may not have met before, trying out a new plan to ensnare souls. His demon children just want to please Daddy and get a piece of the action.

    Any way they can.

    The characters are almost archetypal but you do get to know them (or you already do in some way) and as I don't get paid by the word, (I don't get paid full stop) there is not much 'fill' involved - so the book doesn't hang around , it just gets on with the story.          


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                                            The Final Song


Copyright © 2015    B. Cameron Lee

All rights reserved.



                                                                 Chapter 13.


The large window in Chris’ bedroom faced west, well away from the morning sun which was fortuitous, as he was having a sleep in. The alarm clock had not been set because it was a Sunday and due to the excesses of the previous afternoon/evening he had not wanted to awaken until late in the morning or whenever he came to. Chris lay in bed, gathering his scrambled thoughts together as he came awake and stretched languorously under the sheets. He felt wonderful. Coke was great, most enjoyable, as was the sex he and Ruth had shared under its influence.

Ruth was fantastic!

Never before, in his relatively short life, had any woman even come close to exciting him the way that Ruth did. It was almost as if she could read his mind. She was unbelievable; self assured, self sufficient, interesting, horny and she really seemed to like him. Why, he couldn’t figure out. She could have anyone she wanted. Oh well, who was he to complain.

 The telephone rang, breaking his reverie. Glancing at the clock he discovered it was after eleven so he climbed out of bed, full of excitement and went to answer it. It was Ruth, ringing to say she had just woken up after her work at the club the previous night and could they meet at Tonies Coffee Shop about two o’clock in the afternoon. He loved the sound of her voice; even over the telephone it sent shivers down his spine. He quickly agreed after rechecking the time and gracefully managed to hang up before the conversation became too steamy. He smiled as he headed off to the kitchen for his first coffee of the day, not able to believe his good fortune in having such an amazing woman as his girlfriend.

Hell he was lucky.


At exactly two o’clock that afternoon, Chris was just nosing the ‘vette into a parking spot near Tonies Coffee Shop, when the passenger door was opened and Ruth hopped in.

“Let’s not waste time Big Boy, I want to go for a fast drive down the coast road. You know, blow away the cobwebs and get some sea air into my lungs. We can call by your apartment and have a quick snort before we go.”

Chris was stunned, “But I can’t drive after snorting coke,” he said. “One, it is illegal and two, I don’t know if I would be capable.”

Her green eyes seemed to glow as she stared at him.

“Sure you’ll be capable and who’s to know unless you tell them?”

Twenty minutes later, the red Corvette drove out of the underground car park of Chris’ apartment building with Chris at the wheel. He was buzzing and felt on top of the world. Driving on coke was far easier than he’d believed it to be, his reactions were quicker and he felt able to deal with any eventuality that may arise, no problem at all. The car felt taught and receptive beneath him, almost like a woman in it’s responsiveness to his touch. While they were up in the apartment, he’d picked up some of his newly acquired music CD’s and the stereo was now loudly pumping out one of his preferred selections. ‘8 Mile by Eminem’. Not the latest but a classic.

Ruth eyed him speculatively.

“How do you feel?” she enquired.

“Fuckin’ A1,” was the reply.

“Great. I’ll bring you over some ‘house’ music, you know, dance tracks. The sort of stuff I work to. It’s got a pretty fast beat and sort of gets your body going. Speaking of which, let’s get out of town. I feel like wind in my hair. Want to blow out all the night time cotton wool from my brain.”

With that she pulled a rhinestone studded pair of sunglasses out of her bag and slid them on. Chris retrieved his from the dashboard and put them on too as he turned the car onto the new coast road. For a Sunday and such a beautiful day, the traffic was extremely sparse.  They’d been traveling for about twenty minutes, listening to the music, when Ruth turned to him.

“Do you always drive this slowly?”

Chris looked down at the speedometer; it told him that they were doing the legal speed limit of seventy miles per hour. He looked over at Ruth.

“We’re just on the legal limit and I don’t want to chance getting a ticket. The police are pretty vigilant along this stretch of road.”

She flared her nostrils at him.

“You know, sometimes you are a real pussy. Live a little. It’s Sunday and there doesn’t seem to be many cops around. Let this baby stretch her legs a little, she’ll love it. Corvettes are not designed for pottering around in you know.”

The taunt really stung Chris. He considered himself to be a good driver and a very capable one at that. To be told he was a pussy really stung. With the coke buzzing in his system and the car feeling like an extension of himself, he sped up. The traffic was light and as he went faster, Ruth’s hand on his thigh crept higher and higher. At one hundred miles an hour she was rubbing his crotch gently and he had a huge boner on. He glanced over at her and she gave him a little pout so he pushed his foot down a little further on the accelerator. They flashed past the police car, hidden off the side of the road, at one hundred and ten miles per hour.

A loud, red blur.

The cop in the police car spilled coffee over his hand getting rid of it, fast, out of the window and gunned the motor of the pursuit vehicle into life. As he fishtailed off the gravel onto the tarmac he called it in.

“Dispatch? This is car eighteen on Highway six. Do you have a copy?”

“This is dispatch. Roger that, car eighteen.”

“I am southbound in pursuit of a red car, make and registration number unknown at this time. Obviously speeding. Do you copy?”

“Affirmative,” was the scratchy reply.

“I’ll get back to you when I’ve caught up to them. Over.”

“Roger that. Dispatch out.”

The cop replaced the handset on the bracket beside the radio and concentrated on his driving, he loved high speed chases. It was an excellent, legal opportunity to drive fast and catch speedsters. Sometimes women drivers even gave him ‘special’ favours not to write a ticket out.

That, he enjoyed.

Ruth was bent over and working on his zipper when Chris caught sight of the pursuing police car in the rear view mirror, its roof lights flashing. He swore vigorously under his breath and Ruth lifted her head.

“What’s the matter? I thought you would enjoy what I am doing.”

‘Yes I would but we have a slight problem. Take a look behind. We’re doing one hundred and ten miles an hour and we have a cop on our tail.” Chris responded with difficulty, as his heart was now thumping loudly in his chest and his throat had suddenly become very dry.

“Don’t worry. I have friends in the police department. Good ones.” She winked at him. “This will never make it to court. It is amazing how easy it is to lose paper.”

Chris slowed the car and found a place to pull over onto a gravel rest area. A few moments later the traffic cop’s car pulled in behind them, lights flashing, sirens blaring and stopped about ten metres behind the ‘vette. The policeman got out, put on his hat and walked slowly towards their car with his hand on his holstered gun. Chris was becoming really agitated. Ruth smiled at him.

“Calm down. All you were doing was trying out your new toy. Play it dumb Big Boy and I’ll take care of the ticket. You have to learn to trust me.” She chuckled. “I guess you could say you were in my hands.”

She winked at him.

The policeman stood beside the driver’s door, checking out the inside of the car and the occupants. He was trained to look for tell-tale signs of drunkenness or drug use in these situations and his early first inspection often told him a lot about the people he was dealing with. This time he drew a blank, just a young guy in an expensive car with an incredibly attractive, raven haired and well put together woman.

“Please turn the music off and remove your sunglasses.” The cop spoke authoritatively. “I need to see your license and registration please.”

Chris turned down the music and took off his sunglasses, reaching for his wallet in the hip pocket of his jeans.

“Slowly sir, if you don’t mind.” The traffic cop said, hand on gun.

 Chris understood the inherent meaning, so slowly and carefully eased his wallet out. Taking out the license he handed it to the policeman. Then he stole a glance at Ruth who was looking out the back of the ‘vette, concentrating on the police car.

“Officer. Isn’t that smoke coming out of the front grille of your car?” she enquired sweetly and enigmatically.

Both Chris and the officer turned to look at the police car and sure enough, wisps of smoke could be seen coming from the grille area.

“Shit.” The policeman tucked Chris’ license into his uniform shirt pocket. “Don’t go anywhere, your registration number is on the police car’s video and I’ve got your license. So stay put until I sort this out.” With that he spun on his heel and strode back towards the police car as the smoke intensified. It was now coming out from under the front wheel arches as well. The cop went to the passenger door of his vehicle and opening it, grabbed a fire extinguisher. He then went around to the drivers side and reaching in through the window, pulled the bonnet release.

Ruth was intent on the whole scene. Chris, who was worried about the fallout from being caught travelling so fast, studied her as she stared at the unfolding events. Her breathing was speeding up and a little flush appeared on her cheeks. A pulse was jumping in her throat and her eyes narrowed. Chris shifted his inspection to the rear-view mirror to see what was happening behind. The smoke was black and oily looking and was pouring out from under the guards. The policeman was fumbling with the bonnet catch and seemed to be having trouble getting it open.

Just as the bonnet started to lift, for some unknown reason, Chris switched his gaze to Ruth. At that instant her eyes flew wide open and there was a slight nod of her head. He felt a pulse of something thrill through his body and simultaneously heard a loud explosion. He whipped around to see the policeman toppling backward to hit the ground, staring sightlessly upward, with a piece of fan blade embedded deep in his head, right between the eyes and a huge fireball curling upward from the front of the police car. The bonnet had been nearly blown off by the force of the explosion and lay bent back over the roof of the car, twisted but still attached by one hinge. Chris could only sit, stunned, as the policeman’s body stopped twitching and lay still, with blood oozing from around the wound and trickling down its nose.

Ruth leapt from the car and ran back to the policeman, shielding her face from the growing flames with her forearm. She unbuttoned the uniform pocket and extracted Chris’ license then ran back and jumped into the ‘vette.

“He’s dead. Go!” she yelled.

Chris hesitated, “But that’s leaving the scene of an accident and it’s not our fault.”

“Don’t be stupid. That car is about to blow up. Get going. NOW!”

That explosive command jarred Chris into action. He started the car and accelerated hard, sliding onto the road sideways, rear wheels squealing, just as the sound and force wave of the police car exploding, hit them. He was shaking and driving slightly erratically but had the car under control. Ruth looked over at him.

“Slow down a bit and turn off down here, on the right. We can take the back way home up the old road. No-one saw us but you can bet someone will be here soon.”  She seemed unfazed by the unfolding of events and handed his license back to him.

“You should take more care with this you know,” was all she said.


The drive home was uneventful. He drove carefully, checking his rear view mirror constantly, expecting to be pulled over at any time by hordes of police. It was only on reaching the entrance to his basement garage that Chris’s breathing started to regularize. Once inside the apartment, his car parked safely down below, miraculously free of damage, he relaxed slightly and switched on the television, turning to the local news station. Nothing. Ruth seemed fairly unconcerned by what they had both witnessed and put the chain of events down to luck. For some inexplicable reason, she was incredibly hungry and suggested they order in Chinese food. An hour later, with four or five empty containers from the Chinese takeaway shop strewn over the coffee table, a news item interrupted the normal program on the television. Chris turned up the volume in time to hear the presenter say.

“At this stage the officer’s death looks like an unfortunate accident. He was killed by an unexplained explosion in the engine bay of the police car. It was believed he was about to use the fire extinguisher, found at the scene of the tragedy, when the explosion occurred. It is known he was in pursuit of a red car about that time but due to the video recording device being burnt in the fire, no identification of the red car is possible. There were no witnesses to the event and police are asking anyone who saw this officer, about fifty miles south of the city on the coast road, to come forward please. The accident is believed to have occurred around 3.30pm. The officer was unmarried. Now we return to normal programming.”

Chris picked up the remote and switched the television off. Turning to Ruth he said,

“How about that, I don’t believe it. Dead. No witnesses. Boy, there’s sure a lot of weird stuff happening lately.”

“We were lucky. Now what you need is a long hot soak in the tub followed by a long soak in me.” She grinned at him as she took the mirror and vial out of her bag. “But first, Dr. Ruth advises a little medication to help you relax and to get my juices flowing. Care to join me in a snort or two?”

He sighed and went to sit beside her on the lounge.

Early the next morning, Monday, she was gone. There was a note on the pillow which read, “Stay cool ‘till after school. See you this evening. Love, Ruth.”

Being a work day for Chris, he wandered into the kitchen to prepare breakfast and get himself ready for work. The previous day’s events were playing on his mind so he switched on the television to see if there was any further news. It was droning on in the background when the telephone rang. Chris nearly dropped his coffee. When he answered it, Patricia was on the line.

“Hi Chris, sorry to bother you. I just rang to tell you that I will be stuck up here until Friday at least. Mother is a little better but she will need help for a while. I have arranged things with the airline so I don’t have any flights until next week at the earliest. I’ll stay up here for now. How is everything going?”

“Huh, okay I guess.”

“You sure?” she replied. “You don’t sound very confident about it.”

“Sorry. I am not at my best first thing in the morning. It takes me a little while to get going. You just caught me by surprise,” he lied.

“Okay. Take care then and have a good day. I will ring back later in the week. Bye.”

With that Patricia hung up, leaving him standing there looking at the dead telephone in his hand.


Cindy inspected Chris closely as he stepped out of the lift that morning.

“Are you alright?” she asked.

“Sure, why?” he countered with.

“You look kind of pale and worn out this morning. Did something happen over the weekend?”

“No, no,” he lied. “I think I am just overdoing the late nights.” He winked at her in what he hoped was a conspiratorial wink and turned away to go to his desk.

“Well you should look after yourself a little better,” he heard her say as he walked off.

Andrew was waiting for him, a big smile on his handsome, dark face when Chris slid into his seat at the next desk.

“Hi. Seems like you have had a pretty eventful weekend. Sis brought me up to speed this morning. Pretty cool thing to witness, an explosion and a cop buying it.”

Chris quickly looked around to see if anyone nearby could have heard Andrew.

“Don’t worry; I am not stupid enough to let anyone else find out. This will be our little secret, just the three of us. You, me and Sis.”

Chris was flabbergasted, he knew that Ruth and her brother talked about a lot of things but that sort of event should not have been shared with anyone. It was his and Ruth’s secret, or should have been. Now Andrew knew. It was getting a little scary. If anyone ever found out.

Chris looked over at Andrew to find him smiling.

“You need to relax a little. Care to adjourn for a little snort?”

Chris couldn’t believe his ears. Andrew had the same ambivalent attitude to drugs as Ruth did.

“What, at work?”

“Of course at work. What do you think; we just take the rest of the day off. It will help you to relax and get focused on what you have to do.” Andrew smiled, “And besides, it’s fun.”

Back at his desk, fifteen minutes later, with a lot of the paranoia disappearing rapidly, Chris found the world to be a much cheerier place. He got down to his work and the day flew by. Before long it would be time for his meeting with Ruth that evening.

He could hardly wait.

Picture of a succubus found on the Web.
No title, sorry and

No artist name.
It gives me the general flavor of Ruth, one of the central characters in the story.
  If you are into a bit of Horror:                                             'The Succubus' by Dorian Cleavanger

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