B. Cameron Lee ~Welcomes You~

Once Upon a Time!

 I do not claim to be a literary genius. My sentence structure may not be perfect, nor do I necessarily use the correct adjective at all times.

What I do though, is to morph words into mental movies. Hopefully novel story-lines, sometimes graphic but always different and interesting. Written to entertain and get you thinking.

 I use pictures from the Web to highlight artists whose works have some indefinable quality which lifts them above their peers. 

Here is a list of my books in chronological order.
So you can discover more about them, each book has its own web page
~on most pages there is a chapter extract to read.

I welcome comment, discussion, helpful criticism and questions.
             2004  'The Final Song'           Available  in paperback & Kindle from       


             2005    'Rewind'                            Also from  Amazon and Kindle

             2006  'Electric Goanna Dreams'    Available in paperback  &  Kindle                                                                                              from Amazon.com

             2007   'True Fire'                  ~  200,000 words - actually the first two

                                                         book of  a trilogy ~ now being rewritten and

                                                                a third volume added for publication.


             2008   'Diary of a Serial Killer' ~ 100,000 + Downloads since Feb 2011                                                                                                                                                                                                                       -Available in paperback & Kindle from



             2009 ?      Getting on line!


             2010   'The Fold'             ~Available in paperback and kindle from                                                                                                Amazon.com                                                                                                                                       

              2011   'The Femmebots Revolt'  The original before the rewrite.   

                                                      Available in paperback & Kindle from

                                                                                             Amazon.com                            .  


              2012  'Diary of a Serial Killer 2  -Reece's Revenge' 


                                                             Available in paperback & Kindle from



              2013  Lots of Editing and rewrites for publishing on CreateSpace.

              2014  Rewriting the Books of True Fire (two, a third hopefully this


              2015  The Final Song and Rewind rewritten.

                         All three volumes of True Fire  rewritten for publication in 2016

              2016 The Final Song and Rewind are both published now. See above.


                       True Fire Book 1 - The Ring of Truth published to excellent reviews                                                                                                                                                                                                    Available on  Amazon and Kindle


                        True Fire Book 2 - The Fall of Belvedere also published beginning


                                                             Available on  Amazon and Kindle

                        True Fire Book 3 - The Q'Herindam

                                                             Available on Amazon and Kindle

               2017  True Fire Book 4 - The Were of the Drakon

                                                            Available on Amazon and Kindle 

              2018 'The Fembots Revolt' rewrite and publish in a new cover. Its even
                                                                                 better now!
                                                            Available on Amazon and Kindle 

              2019 "Beaten Men and Violent Women' a non-fiction book dealing with
                       all the lies  surrounding men as victims of domestic violence. In
                       2017    546,000 men in Australia were victims of domestic violence
                                                   perpetrated by women.
                                                              Available on Amazon and Kindle 
                         Olivia's Red Dragon by Marcus Delio 
                         This is a sculpture or model - check the hands out!